S&P technical analysis: Bulls should wait and watch this critical price level.


  • Bears in control. Bulls should wait but watch if a daily candle, or 4 hour candle, closes above 3750.
Itai Levitan

Itai Levitan

Friday, 30/09/2022 | 17:29 GMT-0

30/09/2022 | 17:29 GMT-0

The following S&P tecnical analysis video below shows that the bears are still in control till the price breaks out of the bull flag shown.

The Emini may want to test the 2022 low of 11068.50 on the Nasdaq, apx. 1% more down. This should affect the other indices, too (NQ, RTY, YM).

The market is still bearish and bulls should wait. When can bulls enter? For those seeking a healthy confirmation, the S&P futures (ES) should close a 4hr candle, or daily candle, above 3750.

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